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Inspections Services
The Edgecombe County Inspections Office is responsible for issuing building permits and inspecting all new construction (including manufactured homes), renovations, and re-inspections of vacant buildings in rural Edgecombe County. In addition, inspections services are provided to the Towns of Leggett, Princeville, Conetoe, Speed, Macclesfield and Pinetops. Inspections are provided to ensure that construction is safe and in accordance with the N. C. Building Code and applicable ordinances of Edgecombe County. The Inspections Office also has the authority to condemn buildings that are unsafe for occupancy.

The Inspections Office also assists in enforcement of the County Zoning Ordinance, Junk Vehicle Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations. Enforcement is provided on a complaint basis. The Junk Vehicle Ordinance applies to all territory that is outside the city limits, while the territory for enforcement of Zoning and Subdivision regulations is variable.

Citizens with questions about qualifications of building contractors, quality/safety of structures for occupancy, etc. may contact the Inspections Office for assistance.

Steps to Obtain a Building Permit
  • Must have septic tank permit from the Edgecombe County Enviornmental Health Department.
  • Must have a zoning certificate.  Keep in mind that if you live in a town or a town's ETJ, the zoning certificate will have to come from them.
  • 2 sets of building plans for new construction.
*For a new construction, the contractor, subcontractor, owner, occupant(s) must pick up permit.  Any third party attempt to pick up permits must produce a signed and notarized letter of authorization from the above mentioned parties.  Persons acting as their own contractor may be required to meet with the Edgecombe County Building Inspector before obtaining building permits. 
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