Solid Waste/Landfill

Recyclable Materials


Car, light truck and tractor batteries. Please ask the attendant on duty for instructions. Household (alkaline) batteries are only accepted at special recycling events. 

Clean, dry corrugated cardboard boxes. Break down and flatten the boxes. Place them in the cardboard container. No boxes other corrugated are recyclable. 

Pesticide Containers: 
Thoroughly rinse, Punch holes in containers, Pull booklets from side, Metal or Non-plastic Not Accepted. 5 gallon buckets not accepted.

All glass containers, brown, green and clear. Remove the lids, and rinse out the bottles and jars. Place bottles and jars in the glass container. You do not need to remove the paper labels. Drinking glasses, mirrors, window glass, Pyrex dishes, ceramic, light bulbs or any glass that’s not a container are not recyclable. (Rinse before recycling)

Aluminum beer and soft drink cans. Empty cans and place in the container labeled "commingles". Aluminum foil and aluminum food containers are not recyclable. (Rinse before recycling)

Junk mail, with cellophane window removed, Telephone books, magazines, cereal, and shoe boxes. 

Only plastic with #1 or #2 stamped on the bottom can be recycled, Antifreeze or Petroleum Products Containers CANNOT be recycled. (because of the residue)  NO PLASTIC BAGS. 

Scrap Metals "White Goods": 
Dishwashers, stoves, washing machines, water heaters and other scrap metal. These items must be emptied before bringing them to the Recycle Center.  Please note:  Units that contain Freon such as refrigerators, freezers or ACs are NOT ALLOWED. They must be carried to the Solid Waste Facility for recycling.

Bulk Waste Items "Brown Goods": 
Chairs, mattresses, sofas, tables, and other furniture items. No construction and demolition materials.

Yard Waste "Mulch": 
Leaves, limbs (not larger than 6” in diameter and longer than 4’) and grass clippings. Stumps and commercial yard waste are not accepted. This must be taken to the Solid Waste Facility.  

Limit of 5 will be taken. More than that will have to be taken to the Solid Waste Facility. 

Oyster Shells:
Can only be dropped off at Baie, Colonial, and Spivey Road Sites.

Oil Filter
Colonial Rd. ONLY

  • Change it!: Change your motor oil and filter
  • Drain it!: Drain the used filter and capture the oil into an oil change catch pan.
  • Drop it!: Take your used oil and filter to a recycling center and drop the filter in the used oil filter drum. Pour you used oil into the drum labeled, "Used Motor Oil".
TV's & Computers:
All electronics are recyclable. It is recommended to take electronics/tvs to the SolidWaste Facility.

Othe Items:
CFL, Flourescent tubes (8ft not accepted); and thermostats
Cooking Oil
Clean clothes
Milk cartons and soup/juice boxes
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