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Edgecombe County Vacancies

Applying for a job with Edgecombe County

Click here to download a job application. Applications are to be delivered to the attention of Stacey Booth, Human Resources Director, 201 St. Andrew St. [fourth floor County Manager's Office], Tarboro, NC.  A


pplications can also be mailed to: Human Resources (Employment Application), PO Box 10, Tarboro, NC  27886.  Applications must be received on or before closing date.

Health Department
For for more information contact Julie Keel at 252-641-7851.

Department of Social Services
All positions open until filled.  For more information contact Nora Harper at 252-985-5086.

Social Work Supervisor III 
SWI\AT - Team III 
IMC II-Universal Worker 
Child Support Agent II-Enforcement 
SWI\AT - Team IV 
Child Support Agent II-Enforcement 
SW III- Facilitator
CSA II-Enforcement
CSA II-Enforcement

Maintenance Department 

Office of the Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff 
Detention Officer

Water & Sewer Department
Utility Technician

Disaster Recovery Office
Disaster Recovery Case Manager

Tax Administration
Revenue Clerk I  



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