Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Edgecombe County Tax Collections
Edgecombe County Administration Building, 1st Floor-Room 154
201 St. Andrew Street, Downtown Tarboro

Hours of Operation
 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Phone: (252) 641-7810                                           
Fax: (252) 641-2706                                               

1st Floor-Room 105
Phone: (252) 641-6684
Fax: (252) 641-6686 


The Mission of the Edgecombe County Tax Collections Department is to maximize the collection of levied taxes and revenues to fund the services of County Government.

We are guided by the principle that everyone will be treated fairly and with the up most respect.

We will excel in customer service and conduct our business in a polite, fair, and professional manner. We are firm when necessary, recognizing that some of our clients who attempt to avoid their payment, will at times misconstrue our firm but fair action.

We conduct our duties with uncompromising integrity; anything less is unacceptable.

We value our dedicated employees that fulfill this Mission. We value their excellence, dependability, effective teamwork, accuracy, productivity, plus their caring and positive attitude.

The Edgecombe County Tax Collector's Office performs many duties, including:

  • The collection of taxes on Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicles for the county, 14 fire districts, one drainage district, and 5 towns (Conetoe, Leggett, Princeville, Speed & Sharpsburg).
  • Issuing of Beer & Wine License for businesses as required by the NC Department of Revenue.
  • Issuing of Mobile Home Tax Moving Permits for mobile homes leaving the county.
  • The collection of Water & Sewer payments for Edgecombe County's 4 water districts.
  • Issuing of Registration/ License Plates, NC Titles and Handicapped Placards/Plates
  • Clearing Registration Stops

Any questions concerning taxes paid or owed should be directed to the Tax Collector's Office. Other questions about tax bills should be directed to the Tax Assessor's Office at (252) 641-7855.

All questions concerning County Water & Sewer bills should be directed to the Water & Sewer Department at (252) 823-3042.

Any questions concerning Registration Fees, Title Fees, Insurance Stops or General Registration questions please contact (252) 641-6684 or (919) 715-7000 (NCDOT Help Desk)
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