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Edgecombe County Vacancies

Applying for a job with Edgecombe County

Click here to download a job application. Applications are to be delivered to the attention of Stacey Booth, Human Resources Director, 201 St. Andrew St. [fourth floor County Manager's Office], Tarboro, NC.  

Applications can also be mailed to: Human Resources (Employment Application), PO Box 10, Tarboro, NC  27886.  Applications must be received on or before closing date.

Health Department: For for more information contact Julie Keel at 252-641-7851.

Public Information Assistant IV

Nutritionist II WIC

Environmental Health Specialist

Social Worker II CC4C

PHN III-Child Health

All positions open until filled.  For more information contact Nora Harper at 252-985-5086.

Personnel Technician III
Child Support Agent II
Social Work Program Manager
Foreign Language Interpreter II
Income Maintenance Investigator II
Child Support Agent II-Enforcement
Human Resources Placement Specialist
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
Income Maintenance Caseworker II
DSS Deputy Director
Lead Child Support Agent II
Child Support Agent II-Enforcement
Social Worker Investigative/Assessment and Treatment
Office of the Sheriff 

Deputy Sheriff
Detention Officer


Landfill/Solid Waste

Heavy Equipment Operator




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