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Gets the Facts about the Buyout!

For those families affected by Hurricane Matthew who have applied for one of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs (HMGP), it is important that you receive accurate information. That includes knowing that the HMGP programs, including buyout are VOLUNTARY! You are not required to apply, and if you did apply, you are not required to accept the offer once made.

Here is an excerpt from FEMA's website...

"Acquisition projects funded under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) are voluntary and you are under no obligation to sell your home. Communities consider other options when preparing projects, but it may be determined by state and local officials that the most effective mitigation measure in a location is the acquisition of properties and the removal of residents and structures from the hazard area. Despite the effectiveness of property acquisitions, it may not make you or your family whole again. Acquisition projects are based on the principle of fair compensation for property. Property acquisitions present owners with an opportunity to recoup a large part of their investment in property that probably has lost some, if not most of its value due to damage. But, it will not compensate you or your family for your entire emotional and financial loss. "

For more information on HMGP, visit FEMA's website @

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