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It's Not Too Late to Complete the Census!


The 2020 Census is underway, and we want to get the word out that Everyone Counts in Edgecombe County!

Participating in the Census is very important, and your response matters. The number of congressional seats assigned to a state is determined by the Census. Also, nearly $700 billion of federal money is distributed to states, local governments and community organizations based on the Census. This money provides programs and services that benefit you and your community.
In the 2010 Census, Edgecombe County had a Census response rate of 75% (NC 76%). That means 25% of our households did not participate. Our goal is to improve that to at least 80%, but we need your help!

How Can You Complete Your Survey?

By Mail: You should have received a questionnaire in the mail. Just complete it and mail it back!
By Phone: Just dial 844-330-2020!
Online: Go to!
In person: If you haven’t completed your survey by other means, starting in August Census takers will visit your home to do the survey in person. All census takers will wear masks and follow safety precautions.

To learn more about the 2020 Census, visit our website at or call (252) 641-7802.




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