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Update on Hurricane Recovery

We have gotten a few calls and visits from citizens who said they've been told that the buyout has started for homes affected by Hurricane Matthew. It has not.
For those who have applied for one of the three Hazard Mitigation Grant Program options, including the buyout, this is what we know so far:
  • We expect to know before the end of June who is eligible and who is not. We will send letters out as quickly as we can to notify applicants; 
  •  We expect to start receiving approved HMGP grant projects by the fall;
  •  Once we receive the grant projects, there is a process that takes time before we actually start buying out homes or approving elevation or reconstruction contracts. This includes contracting with outside vendors to do appraisals, surveys, and repair & elevation work.
  • For the buyout, we then have the property appraised, and then make a written offer that the owner can accept or reject.
Accurate information is critical in the recovery process. We know this is all very hard on the families who were affected, so we will try our best to get timely and accurate information out.
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