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How Duplication of Benefits Works with the Hazard Mitigation Program

Many people in the County have received a letter saying they have been approved to participate in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). Once grant agreements that authorize the County to start these programs are received, contact will be made with you on the next steps.

One important thing about this program for you to remember is what's called Duplication of Benefits (DOB). If you have already received money from FEMA, SBA, Flood Insurance, or private insurance to do repairs to your damaged home, you must be able to show those funds were used for that intended purpose by providing receipts. If you cannot show proof those funds were used for that intended purpose and/or to rent alternative accommodations, then that amount will be considered a duplication of benefits, and will be deducted from the amount of assistance you receive from HMGP.  With an Elevation the money would be deducted from the funds needed to elevate the house and the homeowner would be asked to provide the remaining funds needed to complete the Elevation. With a Mitigation Reconstruction the result would be to reduce the size (square footage) of the new home being built. If funding minus the DOB is not enough to build a habitable structure the homeowner would have to provide the funds for the project to be completed.  

So it is extremely important to KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS.

Here is a Duplication of Benefits Fact Sheet. Feel free to print out and share.
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